Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

16th June Trinity Sunday

To all members of Holy Trinity congregation

Dear friends,

It is hard to believe, I know, but we shall soon be in the month of June, and on Sunday 16 June we celebrate our Feast of Title, Trinity Sunday.  I invite you to join in worship that day, and it is proposed that after the 10h30 Sung Eucharist we shall have a celebratory apéro.  

Trinity Sunday is the time when traditionally we have our annual Gift Day and we shall be doing so again this year.  Whilst it is unfortunately and unavoidably the day after another fundraising event, the Summer Fair, it is nevertheless a very important moment in our year.  We rely upon your generous support on Gift Day to enable us to continue our regular life and work at Holy Trinity Church, and I know that many people like to make a special donation in thanksgiving on this occasion each year.   

It is increasingly difficult with so many good causes competing for our support to find enough money for us to carry forward our work.  It costs us CHF 1000 every day to do this, and this year our income has already slipped well behind the budgeted amounts we need.  Gift Day is an opportunity for us to improve that situation, so please do what you can to enable us to continue in our work here for God’s Kingdom.

Our programme of renovation, Building Tomorrow, is of course entirely separate from our regular running costs.  We are presently engaged in sensitive discussions to identify and to find the funding necessary for that work, which in itself will help us reduce our overall running costs in the future.  But all of that is in the future.  For the present, we continue to need your generous help, which I know will be forthcoming.

The Gift Day appeal will be kept open until the end of July. 

As always, I look forward very much to celebrating with you our Feast of Title on Sunday 16 June. 

With my thanks for your attention to this letter and my prayers and good wishes,
Revd Canon Alex Gordon

The details for direct bank payments are as follows:
Bank Raiffeisen de la Versoix – 1290 Versoix  IBAN: CH73 8021 5000 0006 8881 6     SWIFT code: RAIFCH 22215