Holy Trinity Church

Anglican worship in Geneva

15th Oct. (from 4pm) to 17th Oct. (4pm) The Swiss Archdeaconry Retreat 2020

A 48-hour retreat in the beautiful surroundings of  Crêt Berard in Puidoux in the midst of the vineyards    


Internationally renown author and Bible scholar, Lois Tverberg will lead our retreat.  

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like listening to Jesus on the shores of Lake Galilee or following him around the countryside. Have you ever wished you could understand the culture and setting of those times? Certainly, the Bible’s Hebrew words are aromatic and savoury, from the dusty, ancient land of their origin. Each one is richer and deeper than any English equivalent. What better reason could we have to discover and explore the Jewish context of Jesus’ words– so different from our western culture. Together with Lois we’ll do just that, discover how Jesus’ first hearers actually ‘heard’ what he taught. And in so doing we’ll discover some surprising and challenging things which will deepen or even change our understanding of his message. Alongside many of the practical aspects arising from this understanding we’ll also take time to look, not just at how Jesus’ life was saturated in prayer but also at some of the rich Jewish prayer customs that can help us to pray more like Jesus did.

Lois Tverberg has been teaching and writing about the Jewish background of Christianity for the past twenty years. Her passion is to translate the Bible’s ancient setting into fresh insights that deepen and strengthen Christian faith.

Lois grew up with plenty of Sunday school knowledge, but it wasn’t until after she had earned a PhD in biology and was teaching as a college professor that her fascination for the Bible’s original Jewish setting was ignited. She has since studied several times in Israel, taking courses in biblical Hebrew, Koine Greek, and in the physical and cultural context of the Bible.

In 2009 Lois partnered with Ann Spangler to write thebvbestselling Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus (Zondervan). Together they discovered how restoring Jesus to his first-century Jewish reality sheds light on his life and ministry. Later Lois followed with Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus (Zondervan, 2012), which challenged readers to follow their Rabbi more closely by hearing his words in light of Jewish thought.

In her latest book, Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus, (Baker, 2018), Lois equips readers to encounter the Scriptures more like first-century disciples. The book looks at big-picture ideas that are lost on modern Westerners, helping us bridge the cultural divide that separates us from Jesus’ original Middle Eastern context.

Lois brings to her writing a surprising set of tools from her training as a scientist. She received her BA in physics and her PhD in Molecular Physiology. She has published several scientific papers and holds a patent from her PhD research. For several years she taught biology at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

In 2001 she cofounded the En-Gedi Resource Center (EnGediResourceCenter.com), an educational ministry with a goal of deepening Christian understanding of the Bible in its context. There she published her first book, Listening to the Language of the Bible, a devotional guide to Hebrew words and ideas.

Lois currently writes from her home in Holland, Michigan. Along with writing, she speaks at churches, conferences, and retreats. Her current news and articles are available on her website, OurRabbiJesus.com.

Every living soul shall bless your name, O God!
All created things will give you glory and thanksgiving!
Eternally you are God, and no one can stand before you.Who but you offers freedom and help, nourishes us and redeems us, sustains us and saves us,and at all times views with unfailing compassion our sorrows and distress?

There is no one but you!

(A traditional Jewish hymn from the 3/5th centuries)


Prices include room, all meals and in between breaks.                       

All prices are per person.

  1. Single room w. Shower/WC separate:   CHF 290.00
  2. Single room w. Shower/WC in room:     CHF 336.00
  3. Double room w. Shower/WC in room:   CHF 288.00

In order to be sure of your room PLEASE register as soon as possible, even if it at the moment provisionally- That way we can get the rooms we need! The number is limited – so first come, first served!

Payment will be required by the 15th September 2020- Please register at bemdeo@gmail.com stating your preferred choice of room, name, and address. If you are sharing a double room, please state with whom.There will also be a ‘taxi’ service from the station. Please indicate when registering if this is required.

For any questions please contact me by above email or on 0792868616

I look forward to sharing in this retreat with you. A precious opportunity to escape the daily routine, to move closer to God, to relax, unwind, pray – deepen our spiritual experience.

Elizabeth Bussmann